A Little About Me

I am from under the dusty steps to the front porch where I scared Noah when he                            

                                                  walked past.

I am from the line between Mom and Dad’s side of the yard.

I am from the old ash tree where its branch was dangerously half shot off.

I am from Dad and Evie’s favorite cake – lemon cake.

I am from, “That is enough!” and “Turn it down!”

I am from Brownsville Community Church, and greeting the people who come.

I am from, “Start stuffing eggs!”

I am from being the Parson’s daughter.(A parson is a pastor. It is also the name of our farm.) (what about adding something like–and all that is expected…)

I am from goat, chicken, and rabbit farming. ( farming or raising?)

I am from catching wild, and domesticated rabbits. (who….tell us something about them..)

I am from cuddling with my cat Spurgeon (who…… tell us something about him)

I am from deer hunting with my dad, and checking trail cameras.

I am from ice fishing with my uncle, and my dad. (catching….. Or not?)

I am from my Grandpa’s famous blueberry muffins, and German Chocolate Cake.(rich, gooey, served on a special plate–other detail?)

I am from bee farming and pure Vermont maple syrup. (add a detail about the fact that these are from your land and that your family harvests — from buzzing hives and tapped maple trees tells us the same thing, but in a more interesting way, try something like that!)

I am from my German Grandpa, Opi, who fought in WWII for America. (for America in WWII)

I am from Opi fooling the Germans fighting the US so we could win. (is fooling the best word here? Try the thesaurus on this one because it is so fascinating!)

I am from a puncture wound from falling on slippery logs. (puncture wound, best words?)

I am from Noah’s glued cheek from tripping on a stick in the ground.

I am from the heaping basket of wedding and birth photo albums behind the           

                                                    widescreen TV

I am from hiding nerf bullets in the victrola (capital V?)so Dad could not shoot us (omit with them)

I am from the bare branches of the maple tree in the fall, to swinging on the rope swing   

                                              hanging on one in the spring.

I am from a busy family of 6, and this is A Little About Me. ( not just busy- find a better word: This is an incredible team, an amazing farm where you all work together etc….. See what you can do here.


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My name is Miss Blessing, and I would like to welcome you to our class blog! Teaching is the calling of my heart, and I hope to set an example of tenacious engagement in learning this year. Let the Great Adventure begin!

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